About Us


The mission of School Sight & Sound, Inc. is to detect vision and hearing barriers to growth and learning and to link those students with deficiencies to resources able to eliminate barriers.

Why We Do What We Do

We at School Sight & Sound, Inc. are moms who are driven by our compassion for children, and have grateful respect towards school personnel who sacrificially pour their lives into them every day. Children, who may present with learning or social struggles, often do not realize they are unable to see or hear adequately. Many whom we have screened have been found to have vision/hearing deficits, which then can be compensated for. Some are treated for ear infections or eye muscle balance problems discovered through our screening. Others return to school with glasses or other corrective devices. In any case there is added confidence that accompanies improved vision and/or hearing, along with one less obstacle to overcome for learning and growing children. Helping a child see and hear better means making a significant difference in their lives and contributes to their overall success! We are so pleased to be a part of such a valuable service!

Our Background:

Lori Leskovisek
Lori Leskovisek, ICVT, ICHT

Co-owners Lori Leskovisek and Deanna Frye bring a wide variety of experience and skills to the vision and hearing screening program ranging from many types of nursing to administrative leadership and management in a large corporation. Both have spent a great deal of time serving in school settings in the classroom as well as in the front office. This familiarity has contributed to the ability to implement a vision and hearing screening program efficiently and effectively, offering plenty of support along the way to ease the burden off of school personnel.

Deanna Frye
Deanna Frye RN, BSN, ICVT, ICHT

Our team of screening technicians are trained and certified by Illinois Department of Public Health in both vision and hearing and are known for their pleasant, caring demeanor when dealing with children. (See Testimonials)

WE ARE COMMITTED to meet the following goals with students, school personnel and parents in mind:

  • Deliver accurate testing in an efficient manner
  • Ensure minimal loss of classroom time for the student
  • Relieve the strain of organizing and implementing a school vision and hearing event
  • Provide resources for teachers, students and parents pertaining to vision and hearing of school age children
  • Report screening results to parents in a timely fashion
  • Educate on direct relationship between vision and hearing deficits with growth and learning
  • Serve with compassion and purpose